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SAM, Inc. exists to help people achieve the most independent and fulfilling lives possible within their communities. We do this for thousands of individuals in Pennsylvania through a variety of services and functions.

SAM offers safety training courses for:

What some of our clients are saying....

“I believe this training is critical to the safety and wellbeing of our caseworkers who put themselves on the
line every day to protect children in today’s ever-changing drug culture. Street smarts are something you do not learn in college. This training is not an option in Tioga County. It is a must!”
Mark Hamilton
Tioga County Commissioner

“I recently attended Human Services C&Y Caseworker Field Safety, and Drug Paraphernalia training sessions conducted by SAM  for Tioga County Caseworkers. I was very  impressed with the training team, topic content, and training aids.  I highly recommend this training to any agency who has employees exposed to the very real risks that exist; both to their personal safety and to that of their clients as a result of the drug epidemic we are facing. One “takeaway” that was evident to me is the importance to be aware of your surroundings.”
Roger C. Bunn
Tioga County Commissioner

“As a former police officer and probation/parole officer, I was most impressed with the Caseworker Field Safety Training offered to our Children and Youth Caseworkers by SAM. The scenarios were both realistic and educational and the staff were given real-time instruction and the opportunity to demonstrate learning. I highly recommend this training.”
Nancy L. Clemens
Tioga County Administrator