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Welcome! Service Access & Management, Inc., is a provider of human services and management services throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Please choose a location below to learn more about our available services in each state.

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Office of Long Term Living OLTL
Office of Long Term Living OLTL

Professional Testimonials


“The Veterans Outreach and Coordination Program of SAM has been invaluable to raising awareness and advocating for special needs of veterans.”

“The Veterans Outreach and Coordination Program of Service Access & Management, Inc. (SAM), has been operating in Jefferson and Clearfield Counties for several years and has been of immense assistance to veterans in the region.
The Veterans Outreach and Coordination Program of SAM has been focused on the whole health needs of veterans, assisting with job recruitment, assisting educational institutions on the special needs of veterans, providing services to strengthen the families of veterans, and coordinating interagency services required by the readjustment and stresses experienced as they return to civilian life. This program has been invaluable to raising awareness and advocating for special needs of veterans, and its supportive staff is focused on providing essential services to meet the real needs of veterans and their families.
It is with greatest enthusiasm and support that I recommend the Veterans Outreach and Coordination Program to you. This program will serve the needs of your county and the special needs of its veterans and the families with great effectiveness and efficiency.”


“SAM brings a willingness to listen and be interested in actually hearing what people’s problems are. They care about their clients.”

Jean Snyder, Fulton County’s Human Services Administrator and Director of Child Services, has held the latter position for nearly 40 years. She’s seen enough to know that Service Access and Management made an instant impact when it took over services in Fulton County.

“We have a lot of kids who need mental health services in some way. I’ve just been delighted with the services that SAM has offered. They’re really great to work with,” she said.

Jean said it was great to work with a case manager who was very hands-on with the kids and really focused on getting to know them.

“Our case manager from SAM is so engaged with the kids. She’s amazing at our team meetings. She actually knows these kids. She’s very hands-on. She’s had great training. SAM’s expectations are higher than what we’ve had before. I like that.”


“I know in my heart when I send somebody to SAM they’re going to be taken care of. SAM empowers people to do the things that they need to do to succeed in life.”

Craig Newcomer, the director of both Candleheart Ministries and the local cold-weather drop-in shelter in Chambersburg, said Service Access and Management made an immediate impact in the county in helping individuals get back on their feet and remain independent.

Before SAM came to Fulton County, Craig said many of the individuals he dealt with that had mental problems would be placed in housing, but end up back in the shelter. But SAM started out with an instant success story.

“I reached out to them with one individual who was continuously failing and he succeeded with SAM. He got a job, he was placed in his own apartment and things started moving forward for him. Today, he’s doing well. If it wasn’t for SAM, he’d be back in my shelter.”

Craig has a personal connection with SAM. The organization helped his young son deal with his own mental issues and navigate kindergarten and pre-K. He said that SAM has provided mental health services for many people at the shelter and helped them turn their lives around by focusing on each individual person.

“Things can go awry without the assistance SAM offers. On their own, some people can’t handle the things that SAM handles. Other agencies just gave people the help they asked for, but SAM goes above and beyond what they ask for and identifies the needs of the client and takes care of those needs with the client. People won’t be enabled because SAM empowers them to do things for themselves.”


“SAM is very hands-on. It’s been a blessing to us to have them. The Workforce Investment Board is very complex and SAM is very top-notch in understanding it, allocating the funds appropriately and ensuring our audits are kept clean every year.”

Karen A. Kenderdine, Luzerne Schuylkill Workforce Investment Board (L/S WIB) Board Chairperson, first encountered Service Access and Management when the state questioned the L/S WIB’s accounting practices and SAM stepped in to help organize their finances.

“There was a small window of time to respond to these questions the state had. SAM stepped in and got us an extension and answered very professionally every question the state had, which enabled the WIB to continue because we were in danger of having our funding cut,” she said.

SAM helped the L/S WIB adjust its accounting practices to avoid other questions from the state and help them get their financial practices in line and in compliance. As a result of SAM’s guidance and advice, the L/S WIB was able to meet or exceed its performance measurements for more than 18 straight quarters and be recognized as a high-performing WIB for the first time.

“I would recommend SAM to any company for assistance. They attend all of our monthly financial meetings, so they are right there for any questions. We have a SAM employee right in our WIB office every day to do daily accounting and cut our checks,” Karen said. “SAM also oversees our human resources and information technology. They have become an integral part of making sure we flow smoothly and professionally.”


“It’s very obvious to us that SAM is putting a lot of thought into their management. We’re able to discuss different tools we never thought of before and we’re able to implement those in quite a rapid manner.”
– Commissioner Mark L. Hamilton

The Tioga County Board of Commissioners wanted to maintain the same level of services they’d been providing, but do it in a more efficient and cost-effective manner, so they reached out to Service Access and Management for help.

“We came to a point where it was necessary to make some changes to be more efficient in our delivery to the service and retention of people. Doing this through a company makes the hiring process easier,” Commissioner Roger C. Bunn said.

Commissioner Mark L. Hamilton said SAM went above and beyond helping the board with its hiring issues. “One of the reasons we looked at SAM was our inability to quickly hire folks. Once we started working with SAM, we realized they could do a lot more for us than we were even looking at. We were very happy to bring them on board.”

Commissioner Erick J. Coolidge said SAM made an instant connection with the department and was there to explain the various rules and regulations and help the Board of Commissioners work through all of the funding sources.

“The ability for them to work through the myriad of funding sources was a very critical element that complimented not only their expertise but their ability to find the resources to complete the process and deliver the service,” he said. “They were able to lead us and guide us without hesitation. We work collaboratively but we respect their management practices and expertise.