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Office of Long Term Living OLTL
Office of Long Term Living OLTL

Individuals who would like to participate in any of the following programs can contact the SAM Clarion offices by calling 814-226-1095 and ask to speak to a Housing Assistance coordinator.

Projects for Assistance with the Transition from Homelessness (PATH):

The PATH project was developed to identify gaps in housing services and supports for adults with serious mental illness or emotional disturbance and who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.  The PATH Liaison will assist the referral source and the consumer in identifying available housing options and supports.

Northwest Regional Housing Alliance Guidelines (NWRHA):

The purpose of the NWRHA program is to provide permanent housing for chronically homeless individuals.  Program participants will receive assistance in order to avoid any future crisis by actively participating in comprehensive supportive services and case management.  The ultimate goal of the program is self-sufficiency. 

Financial Assistance Programs:

These programs help the consumer with preventing an eviction or a shut off notice from utility. The programs can also be used to help with security deposits and first month's rent. Eligibility will be determined by the Housing Coordinator during interview with the consumer.

Housing Services:

Individuals enrolling in this program will participate in a housing consultation. A Housing Coordinator will refer and assist the consumer to agencies and programs that would benefit them in their housing situation, i.e. Clarion County Housing Authority, Department of Public Welfare (DPW), Community Action, Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE) shelter, and out-of-county shelters. A Housing Coordinator can also assist with budgeting and teaching daily living skills to improve home conditions in order for consumer to sustain property.

Master Leasing/Bridge Subsidy Program (NW 9 program):

Master Leasing/Bridge subsidy program is a grant funded program covering  9 counties in Northwest Pennsylvania, which are Cameron, Clarion, Clearfield, Elk, Forest, Jefferson, McKean, Potter, and Warren.  The Clarion County Housing Authority holds the funds for all 9 counties in the program.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. MH/IDD and/or D&A Diagnosis
  2. Be Medicaid Eligible
  3. Reside in one of the 9 counties served

Referral Process:

  1. Applicant contact with MH/MR or D&A caseworker
  2. Referral must be made thru the applicant’s local MH/MR or D&A Office
  3. Clarion County Housing Authority receives the referral information and the applicant is scheduled for an interview

Master Leasing

  • Appropriate for applicants that will not be eligible for federally subsidized housing due to past criminal history or Megan’s Law status
    1.  The CCHA leases units from a landlord with full disclosure that the unit will be sublet
    2. Applicant meeting the eligibility criteria follow the referral and application process to determine eligibility
    3. The CCHA sublets the unit to the applicant therefore becoming their landlord.  Rent is paid directly to CCHA.  The CCHA pays the owner the full monthly rental amount

Bridge Subsidy

  • Appropriate for applicants that are expected to be eligible for federally subsidized housing in their county within the next two years.
  • Program runs very similarly to the Section 8 Voucher Programs
    1.  Applicant is determined eligible and receives a coupon to search for a unit in their area
    2. Unit must meet Housing Quality Standards
    3. The CCHA subsidizes the rent by paying a percentage of the monthly rental amount to the landlord
    4. The program participant is responsible for a portion of the rent and it is paid directly to the landlord