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Service Access & Management, Inc.

Forensic Case Management Services are offered to those individuals who are currently incarcerated or were formerly incarcerated. They are designed to assist individuals in obtaining the necessary supports and resources in order to be successful in the community.

The Forensic Diversion Specialists act as liaisons among various criminal justice entities in order to decrease the incarceration rate of non-violent, mentally ill offenders. This can be done through the use of various treatment alternatives in lieu of extensive jail time. The goal of the program is to reduce incarceration rates while ensuring the safety of the community in an effort to reduce the costs of incarceration.

SAM employees Brandon Sands and Jillian Gosselin discussed the topic of Mental Health Forensic Services in the ODP Journal. Click here to read their article: Collaboration to Continuity: A Case Study Narrative on Berks County’s Mental Health Forensic Diversion Program.

SAM provides this service in the following counties: