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Service Access & Management, Inc.

Office of Long Term Living OLTL
Office of Long Term Living OLTL

No family is the same. If they were, then SAM could design one template of supports coordination and apply it everywhere.

We recognize each family has its own unique needs, their own dreams, and we help to work toward those goals.  Our Support Coordinators take the time and effort to listen to what each consumer wants out of life.  We use those dreams to develop specific and measurable personal goals and outcomes that work toward improved self-sufficiency and independence.

SAM provides the following Supports Coordination Services to individuals with IDD and their families:

  • Advocacy of Individual rights
  • Development and maintenance of an Individual Support Plan (ISP).
  • Determining the need for services and developing "outcomes."
  • Identifying and locating providers of services.
  • Coordinating waiver services when funding is available.
  • Ensuring services are received as outlined in the ISP.
  • Ensuring health and safety.

SAM provides this service in the following counties: