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Service Access & Management, Inc.

The Certified Peer Specialist Program exists to assist individuals toward recovery of their mental illness.  A Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) is an individual who has experienced the same issues that our consumers are facing.  They know how the consumers feel and have experience in dealing with and overcoming the various challenges that life presents.  Peer Support Services provide support, hope, encouragement, and assistance in identifying an individual's personal preferences, needs, and goals and working with the individual to achieve the most independent and fulfilling life possible.

The CPS will work directly with adults who are living with a serious mental health disorder and who are in need of a supportive network in order to live as independently and to be as fully integrated in their communities as possible.  The CPS will encourage the people we serve to be actively involved in the completion of their Individualized Service Plan (ISP).  The program provides professional support, hope, encouragement, housing assistance, and assistance in identifying the individual's needs, strengths/abilities, life preferences, and goals.  SAM's Certified Peer Specialist program will work with individuals to achieve the most independent and fulfilling life possible.

SAM provides this service in the following counties: